Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oh the fun

I just love my girls. Yesterday was Roses 5th Birthday. She and I played all day (She was the queen for the day). That night we went out to dinner with Memaw and Poppop and Aunt Sara and Uncle Seth and Leah and Eli. Barbie was the theme for the evening. She had a good time and went to bed really easily. I of course developed a problem. I began bleeding not a lot but enough to cause problems. So Liam and I end up in the hospital and Rose goes to Grandmas. The doctors can find no reason as to why I was bleeding. It stopped while I was there and so we went home and went to bed. Today no issues so on we go. We are now 26 wks pregnant and awaiting for the baby to make it and to grow and hold on. So baby number two is following after her big sister. My girls are wild ride! The above photo is of one ot the gifts Rose recieved


Anonymous said...

Ya know, I just can't wait until Zoie is old enough to play with things like that. Can ya see Ben on the floor playing Barbie with his little sis? ha ha ha ...

Hold on my dear. My thoughts are with you always and my prayers. Little miss #2 is strong. Have faith. Love you much!


JBTW said...

Sounds like Rose had a very happy day. Hope the party goes off without a hitch too!

Glad to hear everything is okay with you now. Stay healthy!