Monday, January 01, 2007

The week of fun!?

Beware I am complaining in the post below

I now declare 22 weeks of pregnancy the miserable period. Our darling baby girl has made herself very comfortable right on top of my pelvic bone making it difficult to sit or walk. Not only that but she has the kicking skills of a professional footy player.

The meds I am taking to combat my on going illness is causing many unwanted symptoms. My knee is swelling and my feet feel as if I have been hit with a taser gun repeatedly. The good news so far is no permeate vision loss yet. They are now guessing they will take the baby anywhere between 30 wks and 36 wks so not to bad.

Rose has decided to give us a crash course on getting up every few hours. She seems to being going to through another pattern of waking up at night and wanting things.

Baby thinks getting up to pee all night and feeling sick to my stomach is oh so much fun. She takes these moments to let me know she is all good and ready to play.

I have swollen glands around my jaw line and I have cold sorer which is making me miserable.

Okay I am all done complaining. Perhaps week 23 will be better?


Anonymous said...

you can complain - you have been going thru lots - love mom

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart, if you can't complain when you are pregnant then when can you? In fact it is in the pregnancy hand book that pregnant women are allowed to complain about anything at anytime in any situation. Complain away! We will be the sounding board and hey... I know how you feel!