Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sorry I'm back

Please forgive the absence of Mrs. Morgan she has been moving home and purchasing a car.
Sorry gang life has been up in the air for over two weeks now. We moved into a great townhouse in the country 9 mins from my parents. We also bought a used mini van. Rose is still not in school due to a lack of a second vehicle for Liam. She is taking it well (she is driving me crazy). Baby is now 25 weeks old and still chugging along. We are now guessing that she will join the family at about 32 weeks. So not much more to go. February will be the time to get the babies room up and going. She is still missing everything. Liam is enjoying his work again which is wonderful. The commute is a bit long but it's worth it to live in a small country town. I am just playing mom and running back and forth from the doctors. I go to each doctor every two weeks so I am there a lot. Vision is starting to go in my left eye nothing I have noticed but the test show some deterioration. So all and all we are hanging on. We will have our phone hooked up next week and the computer well today is the first day its been working. So we should be in the swing of technology again very soon


Jac said...

I am so glad to hear no news is good news! Hang in there sweetheart, just a few short more weeks and you will be holding your newest addition! I cant wait to find out what you name her and see big sister Rose holding her!

JBTW said...

Glad to find an update from you -- you've been missed!
Finding a place to call home is a wonderful accomplishment -- I'm happy for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry sweetness, baby stuff is coming just as soon as I have a chance to use my car. Having one car does totally suck. I understand that completely! Love ya so much!

Hugs and kisses!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am glad you are back - I get to keep in touch during the day now - love mom