Thursday, September 28, 2006


I declare myself crazy in the head! I have been feeling it coming for weeks. I have slowly become insane. This baby has turned me lunie! Every day around 2:30 I become a nutty women. My brain turns to mush and I feel like crying. I become exhausted and I want to die! As the night goes on all I want to do is sleep but then I can't come 10pm. So I sit and I wait for the nausea to pass and for me to become sleepy. I can't read and I can't sew so I sit and wait. I think awful thoughts like "I can't do this" and "I'm not cut for this" or "how can I be a mommy for two when I feel like a failure with one." Has anyone else ever felt this way because right now I want to crawl under my bed and go to sleep and never wake up.


Daisy said...

Hey! It's called "parenting" for a reason--cause it's hard! If it was easy they would call it "vacation."

Also, I have two kids, and I swear I have had all of those thoughts and more. Many days go by and I think, "what the hell have I gotten myself into?"

Hang in there, though, it's not all bad! :-)

Anonymous said...

Casey my darling, my love... this is soooo normal to me! I thought I was going to die with Kyle and Zoie! I was so tired and moody yet come night fall I couldn't sleep! I started feeling like I was losing my mind.... Damn those children! Even before they are born they are running our lives! Hold on sweetie! There is an end in sight. Luv ya!

Suzer said...

BIG HUGS!!! Blame it on all the extra hormones coursing through your system. It's the same reason I start out laughing and end up crying at T.V. commercials. Give it a few more months and they'll start to level out. Then you can just be consistantly grumpy instead if insanely unstable. SWAK!