Sunday, June 18, 2006

Why Me?

Why me? I just got out of having to go to a black tie dinner about 2 weeks ago due to a nasty cold and now we have a Red Tie dinner for Rose's school. We weren't going to go we hadn't even read very far on the flier all we knew was it cost money so we weren't going. But "no" says fate, your going. Today we get a call from the principal of the school. My first thought "oh no what has Rose done." No she's calling to invite Liam and I to the dinner as Marions guests. I know she wants to get in good with Carnegie Mellon but it is Rose's school and I couldn't say no. So now I have to go this dinner. I am not cut out for fancy dinners I would be better at farm feast not a black tie dinner. I don't have a dress nor do I have the money to get one. My hair hasn't been dyed in 7 months and looks horrible. I have until July 1st to find a dress a babysitter and a new body. WHY ME?


Suzer said...

Because every once in a while you need a reason to dress up and do your hair, even if you think you don't want to. It's good for you to get out of the house and converse with adults about intelligent things. Thank God I don't have to go with you!!!

Anonymous said...

like your thinking suzer - mom