Sunday, June 11, 2006

The million dollar night

Okay remember when I was complaining about being sick yesterday well I would gladly put up with it if it meant it took back last night for Rose. Rose woke up last night with her first ever ear ache. At 4 in the morning she climbed into bed complaining about her ear. After two hours of crying and fighting us for any help we could give her we went to the Womens and Childrens Hospital to see what they could do. What they did was make her throw up all over me TWICE. So after three hours of waiting and puking and crying we were seen by the worlds cutest Irish Doctor wearing red Doc Martins. He concluded that she did indeed have an ear infection but that antibiotics would not help and just to give her ear drops and tylenol to ease the pain. So with that "Million" dollar advice we took home a much happier daughter. Right now its 3 pm and she looks pale but she is happily playing Barbie by herself.


Suzer said...

Hmmm, puking must be going around. Maya just threw up for the first time ever on Wednesday from the flu. Hope Rose and you are feeling better soon. It's hard to take care of a little one whe you feel so horrible yourself.

Anonymous said...

take care of my little darlin-love mom

e4 said...

Yikes. Y'all need to get healthy!