Thursday, February 28, 2008

time keeps on slipping...

Douglas Adams:

Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

I should write something interesting about how fast time is going, or time flies when your having fun. Maybe I should say something prophetic about the passage of time and growth of small children. All I have to say is time does fly when you look back and think my baby was just born and now she's 6 but its the day to day time I'm thinking of. That time goes really, really, really slow! I'm talking astronomically slow, turtle and snail slow. Its saying don't put that in your mouth for the hundredth time to only realize only 5 minutes have passed. Life goes very slow when your yelling at the top of your lungs!

ps, no matter how long you stare at that clock the time will never change.


Rick said...

Except on Day Light Savings Day. Which, by the way, is a week from Saturday.

JBTW said...

You know what would make time go faster? Traveling back to PA for a visit -- then it will just fly by & you'll be asking, "where DID that time go?"

:) Miss you.