Friday, February 08, 2008

in school

Just finished signing Rose up for school and she starts at 8 am on Monday.
Lily has come into her own and lets just say she's bad. We love green markers, red clay clumps, cat food and cat water.
Liam is happy at work.
I am taking lots of walks and trying not to fall apart.
We'll see what the weekend brings.
Thanks for thinking of us everyone. We don't have a number yet but when we do expect a call.
Were going to be seeing friends we haven't seen since Rose was only a few days old.


JBTW said...
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JBTW said...

How did school go? Happily sent off? Or too tired to care?

Thanks so much for "calling" the other day... Can we talk sometime via Google Talk still?

Please send your address too. :)

JBTW said...

Sorry, published twice.