Saturday, February 23, 2008


Five things about me you probably don't know?????
That's hard I'm sorta like an open book don't ya think!

1. I'm still scared of the dark

2. Even though I can't give birth again and the two I have drive me nuts I would love a third child!

3. I hate mushrooms!

4. I once had to be a guy in a dance routine for "Oliver" and my mom said I looked like Lucy (from I Love Lucy) and she couldn't even watch me (she was laughing to hard). In my defense I only had a week to learn the dance moves.

5. I have been featured in the Pittsburgh Gazette four times.

and that folks is all I got now tag your it!


JBTW said...

1. Not scared of the dark. I'd be more afraid when something in the dark pops out at me... :)
2. Never given birth. But love your kids too. (Do you want a third for some time away from those driving you nuts? Hmmm...)
3. Love mushrooms! Yum Yum.
4. Never got compared to Lucy. Been laughed at otherwise though.
5. Never in the Pittsburgh Gazette. While not an article all about me, I was in my current & previous local papers before (wedding announcement... art contests).


mamadaisy said...

hi marcy's friend! she just likes me 'cause i make a mean casserole (and make extras for her freezer).

the kids are all way cute. hope to see you someday!