Wednesday, November 21, 2007

so how are you sleeping?

Well we have now tried in the crib sleeping and in the bed sleeping and in the hummock sleeping and well no one is sleeping. So now what? I am going to try the she must be starving idea and feed her at night and see if we can't log in some more sleep. No I have not let her just cry it out yet. It was suggested that we see a GI specialist to rule out any issues and then a sleep study. For now we are in a holding pattern. I am personally ready to land but we are holding up remarkably well.

In other news Rose went to her first live theatre performance when I took her to see Pinkalicious

Rose and I had a blast and even bought the soundtrack so we sing along in the car! I am keep treking along in hopes that someday my children won't look back and only remember that I was always tired and cranky.

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JBTW said...

Glad you & Rose had a grand time. (And if your kids can't remember the good times, it's not for a lack of effort on your part -- speaking from someone who doesn't remember childhood. Just take lots of pictures & tell the stories over & over again!)