Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cranky Pants

What do you get when you combine a baby with hypersensitivity and colic with a mother who has PMS and an older sister with a 102.4 degree fever and a father with general lack of sleep and a cough?.......... Give up? CRANKY DAY! I am still wearing the clothes I "fell asleep" in last night. I put the "" up because we only sleep for 20 min stretches so why call it sleep when its more like narcoleptic fits. We have all dressed in our finest cranky pants and have paraded around for ourselves. In our parade we have cranky butt who has a rash and is teething and has given sleep up for lent (she is oh so pleasant). Next is the high wire act of big cranky sister. Cranky sister complains a lot about pooping and needing a bath, her temp makes her pleasant to be near, so she insists on sitting on my lap and creating a core temp for me that resembles the center of the earth. Then there is Senior Cranky Pants he has a short temper and can be found rolling on the floor complaining of a general lack of sleep (his act resembles a clown on drugs). That only leaves me Queen Cranky Pants. I'm the Ring Leader and bringer of popicicles and clean pacifiers. I have PMS, two hours of sleep (generously given to me by my husband) and a headache. I bark orders and make dinners and feel cranky so that makes me either the leader or the short order cook. So what will tomorrow bring? Who cares I will be up 10 times tonight and won't even know what day of the week it is!


JBTW said...

:( Sorry about all the crankiness. I hope things even out for you guys sooner than later.

network_weasel said...

All Hail the Ruling Family of Cranky!!!!!
The rest of us will be running and hiding so as to not offend or make worse in any way, shape or form.
Good luck.