Tuesday, November 27, 2007

it's all relative

I have been saying the above statement for weeks now. Peoples lives and the problems and stresses they have are all relative to their past experiences. One person's drama is anothers comedy. Sometimes I feel I have the worst life possible. No permanent home, issues with Rose and her education, issues with Lily and her sleep disorder, No job and insurance, and all the stresses that go with it. But then I look at the lives of my friends, the ones I envy and I have begun listening. No ones life is perfect everyone has stress and feels alone. I think why would that bother them and then it hits me they maybe saying the same of me so I say "It's all relative." What drives me crazy may just make you laugh. What I can handle might make you crumble but who's to say what your going through right now wouldn't bring me to my knees. So I say good luck and your not alone, none of you. Where all in this together, we may not be having the same issues but they are all important. What you are feeling right now is fine and normal. The stress that has you in tears today may have you in stitches tomorrow. I'm here for you... I may fall asleep, but I'm here. Remember it's all relative to where your standing.

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JBTW said...

:) Good thoughts! Did that happen upon your brain during the sleepless hours or after you finally got some?