Friday, December 15, 2006

Meet some of the PA gang

Dillon, Rose, Nana, Leah
Sara, Leah
Leah, Aunt Nancy, Dillon, Olivia
My Mom, Aunt Patty
Rose, Sara, Eli

Dillon and Olivia are siblings as are
Elijah and Leah
Aunt Nancy, Mom and Aunt Patty
Rose and unseen baby


e4 said...

Aww. Hi PA gang!

Suzer said...

What in the world is Sara doing?

JBTW said...

Looks like there was fun & laughter to be had. :)

Hope you're doing well these days.

So glad you found a camera to post with!

John Boy said...


hows things?
Settled in now?
When does Will come home?
Adrian was saying he was helping him packing at the weekend

All ready for xmas?
Im not!!!

Catch up with you soon