Monday, August 14, 2006

10 signs I'm not going to be winning any parenting awards!

10 signs your not going to win Mother of the Year.

1. For the past week she has declared she is moving out and you don't care.

2. She has repeatedly told you that if she doesn't get her way she will throw fire balls at you.

3. She drew on the wall, was sent to her room while you laughted quietly and took photos of the infraction. Cuz the little drawing on the left looked rather cute.

4. You will sleep with one eye open tonight because, she states she's "going to kill you."

5. She tells a close friend of yours that she was just playing with that "you know I hate you."

6. You can't wait to drop her off at school!

7. You have taken to running away and hiding in your own bathroom just so you don't have to hear her little voice.

8. You slowly turn the radio up louder and louder just so you won't have to listen to the growing list of complaints coming from the back seat.

9. You set a timer at breakfast and tell her that if she doesn't finish soon you will be packing her and her breakfast up and sending it to deepest darkest Africa.

10. You sometimes drive around the school several times just to build up the courage to pick your little darling up from class.


JBTW said...

These aren't based on personal experience are they!?! :) HeHe

Morgan said...

hell yah and all have occured this week and no I will not be winning any awards. Just ask Rose!