Saturday, April 22, 2006

Existential Blues

I have been madly in love with one writer and one movie for the past 10 years. I had a teacher my senior year who introduced me to existentialism and I have never looked back. Tom Stoppard became my idol! In my eyes he could do no wrong. To this day I have not found a script or play that I like more. I am very found of Arcadia again written Stoppard! Oh strange I just realized that the boy who took me to see Arcadia was the son of the teacher who introduced me to Rozencrants and Guildensteirn are Dead! Oh the weird coincidences of life! Oh Doctor Demento you silly cleaver man!

Existential Blues
The amenities of life have been chasing my soul
And my mind is transcendental, and I'm losing all control
And I'm sinking in the quagmire of illusions and Thoreau
I cry out "My name is T-Bone" as a hound dog digs a hole.
You ask so many questions, what answers should I choose?
Is it plain as heebie-jeebies or just existential blues?
Sailing, sailing, what is illusion, what is truth?
Sailing, sailing, over the existential blues.
God bless America, and Old Glory too.
May she always wave o'er us and the red, white and existential blues.
Bom-idda-bom (and more blue moon noises here)
The existential blues.
Hey you can do what you want but lay off my existential blues
My blue suede existential blues.


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My kids have a Ralph's World CD where he sings "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and some variations. Then he delivers a lecture on the existential nature of the song.