Friday, April 14, 2006

Baby birds

I just bought this print for my house. We have these little guys living in our front yard so I thought it a good purchase.


Suzer said...

What kind of birds are they? I'm an avid bird feeder, but we don't have anything near that colorful here. Lucky you:)

grafton said...

pretty little things!!! FA and I went to the zoo recently and fed something that looked like that - lorikeets!!! fun, but VERY noisy!!! have you seen any tree kangaroos? We saw one! *g*

regarding insomnia post, you might talk with a doctor about something called Lunesta (at least, it's called that here). non-addictive, highly effective, non-groggy. might help, might not, don't know. Love you, miss casey!!! sleep sometimes!

john in the uk said...

Are they lovebirds?
Look a bit like it to me.
Whats fresh down under?

Morgan said...

Baby Rainbow Lorikeets

They are so cute. We love to feed them.

roybe said...

Very cute print, thats lovely to have rainbow lorikeets living in your front yard. we get them visit when our golden cane palms fruit.thank for visiting my blog