Sunday, January 27, 2008

Third ring of hell?

The third ring of hell... or our 13th move, coincidence I think not!

Monday: call about utilities and sign apartment contracts, Pack all things not moving

Tuesday: Pack all thing including the living!

Wednesday: Load all fricken day long

Thursday: Get carpets cleaned and then scrub apartment

Friday: Take loaded truck with pickup truck attached followed by mini van with one adult two kids and four (foaming and pooping) cats to North Carolina via an 9 hour drive

Friday evening/morning: unload into apartment and storage unit.

Saturday: convince sugar loaded and certainly angry children that sleep in necessary for health reasons (mine).

Sunday: CRY and call my mommy!

Ps, I believe I am coming down with something horrible that is either

a. The black death. (sounds yummy doesn't it)

b. I have always sounded like Mr. Coffee when I take a deep breath and really it's nothing to worry about.

c. Pneumonia

d. Bronchitis

e. some yet to be diagnosed crazy disease of the lungs.

SO I ask you don't you think Dante described this once as the third ring of hell? It could have been the fourth or fifth I am on very little sleep and delirium is setting in.


Major Mom said...

Girlfriend! Give me a call -- let the kids run off some energy! I'm around all week, but working in SC Friday-Sunday. Maybe we can come by and see you one day after Jake's preschool?

Just Jac said...

Have a safe will be over before you know it!

Anonymous said...

its too cold there, come back to Adelaide, Brad

JBTW said...

Hey Darling,
I tried calling you tonight but you have shut your phone off... I hope you have safe travels & the cats aren't too upset. (Been there, done that!) I miss you already! :(
Good luck in SC...

Suzer said...

Are you there yet? *sniff* I hope so. *sigh*