Saturday, January 12, 2008

It could happen to you

Windflower: John William Waterhouse

1. I will be needing caffeine to get through the next three weeks
2. I have two sick children to care for all by my lonesome
3. I hate to be alone
4. I am still scared of the dark
5. I don't like to be a single parent I am no good at it.
6. I got rid of 6 bags of clothing (why the hell have been moving around all this extra clothing for?)
7. I have no taste in clothing what so ever
8. My children have no immune system!
9. My cats love to puke on my couch
10. My baby loves to puke on me!
11. I have been listening to Rose cough for 30 days and I have had my limit
12. Lily has had 3 ear infections in 30 days I am done with this also
13. I have no idea where we are moving (I don't think I have ever been to Chapel Hill) but then again I think I fenced there once.
14. I don't know how to buy a house
15. I think I am more afraid of this move then any of the others
16. I hate driving long distances
17. Lily hates to be in the car
18. I have to drive to Chapel Hill with Lily to go house hunting on Thursday night we will be back on Sunday.
19. Lily still gets up 4-12 times a night (no joke)
20. Rose hates to be left out of the excitement.
21. Rose is sweet when she wants to be.
22. Lily has a killer smile that lights up her whole face
23. When told what to do Liam will do it. Like bring coffee and donuts to one of many doctors appointments.
24. I have been to the doctors 5 times since Dec 20th and we have another appointment on Monday.
25. Did I mention I hate to be alone.
26. Please call me this week and next just make sure the kids haven't killed me!


~Lori said...

I really feel for you, woman. I'll be thinking of you - I'll call! HUGS to you and the whole family.

JBTW said...

Tried calling you... don't know if you are elsewhere or not. Just wanted to check in; see how the latest doctor appt went; etc. Perhaps I'll get you tomorrow. :)