Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I got 15 things...

The Bosley's are moving the Bosley's are moving. What's that you say? Again you say? Hell yeah, we say every year like clockwork.

1. I have been to see Chihuley (at Phips) again. It never disappoints. Thanks mom for taking me. I had fun! He has only one eye.

2. Kids are still sick but improving we only got up a half a dozen times last night!

3. Liam in the last two weeks has found the the alarm clock I have wanted forever (in the grocery store) and Sweet Chili Sauce which I became addicted to in Australia. You Rock Liam.

4. I am soooooo tired I have begun hallucinating but is it hallucinating if someone else sees it too? (ummmm Suzer perhaps you need more sleep to!)

5. Dugain loves therapy. Lily and Dugain get therapy together twice a week I believe they're bonding

6. Crock Pots RULE. Thanks mom and dad.

7. Lily has a strange addiction to golf carts. To Jim I tip my hat!

8. Rose is officially smarter then me.

9. 30 isn't so bad.

10. During the day I want to sit on them at night I miss them. (them being the children)

11. This will be our 13th move together and we haven't gotten one ounce smarter!

12. I am still in contact with the man I nearly married. (he's married too with a child of his own)

13. Liam has some pretty awesome and talented friends

14. I have some pretty awesome and talented friends.

15. I will never enjoy house work!


Just Jac said...

Are you moving down here by me? 13 moves, dang, that's more then most military families I know!

DadaMama said...

Is your cat getting mental therapy or physical?

I will come visit you in NC!!

Just Jac said...

Don't believe her, she doesnt even come visit me in NC, and I am flesh and blood!