Friday, September 14, 2007

let kirk speak for me

baby (pause) trying (pause) to kill me (pause)

can't last much longer (sheer desperation)

go on without me! (self sacrificing)


Will said...


I do not understand the logic.


Suzer said...

I can'na hold her togetha much longa Capt'n!

Sorry things are so bad. Have you tried the Vulcan mind meld?

JBTW said...

Are you beating away the babes with a stick too? (Not that he was EVER trying to get rid of them!) But oh the drama continues. [She says sarcastically.]

Hope things get less dramatic for you soon.

e4 said...

Eerie. It's like Shatner is right here in my house...

network_weasel said...

Setting phasers on "chew toy" should do it.

If that doesn't, find yourself some Tribbles!

Good luck.