Monday, September 24, 2007

an elderly couple

The couple on a leisurely stroll

Darling look at the flowers

I seem to have had to much to drink

Dear isn't it lovely to be out

Oh, I just love fall don't you dear?

Why do they keep taking photos of us?

Shut up and be happy darling!

The above grouping of photos had me laughing so hard I feared I would pee my pants! Don't they remind you of an old couple?


DadaMama said...

The little pink one has the old lady face down!

Anonymous said...

LMAO!! They are tooooo cute!!


Morgan said...

if you click on the drunk photo you can give yourself a pretty good laugh!

Morgan said...

I just love my kids well at least one of them is mine

JBTW said...

Aww... chubby cheeks is so cute! I picture Mo in her "younger years" with that cheeky smile! :) Miss you guys!

Tan said...

This is how it starts (being pushed around) and this is how it ends (being pushed around) I get your analogy