Monday, September 03, 2007

From Sharon ...

Sharon Emery Ok!
Here are your questions:
1) How did you choose your daughters' names?
2) Do you miss Florida at all? Not the people, because I know you miss them, but Florida itself?
3) What was your job when you traveled with the Faire?
4) How's the knitting coming along?
5) Who is your favorite famous person and why?
Thanks for playing! Post these on your blog and share the love!

1. ummm okay how did I choose the names of my daughters well.
Moya (Great) is the name of a ship on Farscape a show we were watching while I was pregnant with her. We called her Tenaious B. untill her birth. Anwyn (very beautiful) well she got her name because I wanted another Gaelic name and her name spoke to me.

2. Do I miss Florida? Not so much it made my hair curly and frizzy and well we can't have that!

3. I never traveled with the faire I was a cast member at the Greater Pittsburgh Rennaissance Festivel where I played the bakers wife.

4. Knitting I am still doing it does that count. I have made a gazillion scarves.

5. favorite famous person Albert Einstien he most likely had ADHD and Deslexia just like me.

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