Monday, March 09, 2009

Lily is 2

45 min in the swing and out she went this afternoon.
She stripped off brought out the potty and said I potty! Now if only she would really go!
Nothing like watching TV in the buff!
She received many cards and gifts from family and friends far away plus her sister and grandparents and us.

Rose's gift is up first.
Then mommy and daddy.
Grandma and Grandpa Bosley's package.
Last but not least Meemaw and Poppop. I am on the phone with them in the photo.
How does this thing work?
Riding on the road like a big kid.
Imagination Movers CD!
Rose had to sit out for the most part due to a fever and a sore throat.
Blowing bubbles in the warm NC evening.
I love this swing soooo much!
Our wonderful neighbors came down with a lovely gift and a fun drink for mommy.
She became entranced while Ethan tried out her new bike.
Look Scooby Doo!Even her new baby doll got to ride in the swing.
She never did eat the cup cake.
Our other fabulous neighbor brought her a new drum and instruments.


JBTW said...

Looks like it was a wonderful birthday for the (not so) baby girl!

Suzer said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie! When did she get to be 2? It seems just yesterday you were trying to keep her cooking in the oven (LOL)! Sigh. I miss you guys :)