Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The end of march

Allergy eyes poor thing.

Rose teaches Lily the ins and outs of playing on the swing set!

They were picking me flowers

Here they come flowers in hand.

I fell at the doctors office and made an ass of my self.

A rare moment of peace

Lily was quiet and I didn't care so she opened a bottle of sprinkles and decorated the floor and daddies shoes. Ps. she is wearing Rose's underwear on the outside of her pants. Don't all great super hero's do that?

Hey I'm in my undies. Damn Paparazzi!

Budding artist!


Anonymous said...

they just can't get any cuter - can they? - love mom

Tan said...

they keep changing! you can't have just fallen over, that bruise is horrific! surely you did a run up, or something.

JBTW said...

Yeah pictures of the play set. I can't get over how much older the girls are getting...
*pouting lip*
I miss you guys!