Saturday, November 08, 2008

Highly Gifted with ADHD?

So what does it mean Mrs. Morgan to be highly gifted with ADHD? Well in my house it means a daughter 6 who acts like a maniac bouncing off every wall. It means never seeing a full episode of any of her favorite shows or eating a meal sitting still. It is a bundle of energy that radiates out from the tip of her toes to the top of her unkempt blond hair. It's a child who wanders our house as if she has no purpose in mind causing a lot of distress from the new walker in our household who tries but fails to follow her around. It's a daughter who's panic mode is on high and goes off at every turn. Its a child who "watches" the world go by on her head (literally). Its a little girl who can't seem to stop her self from moving but insists on skipping through life with a song issuing forth from her lips.

Its a child who is the delight of the second grade having started kindergarten at the tender age of 4. Its a 4 year old who starts school barely potty trained and leaves top of her class in all subjects. It looks like a little girl who struggles with boredom at school ( we left that school) who doesn't understand her and writes her off as trouble maker. It looks like a 6 year old who the year before in first grade tests at a reading level of 66 at an Elementary school who only has reading kits that go to 45 (5th grade level kit). It's a child who makes her teacher laugh with her exuberance to learn. It looks like a pretty little thing with a crush on boy and friends in every class. Its a child who is so far ahead in math that they have to start a new math group to accommodate her. Its being recommended for the gifted program not in your grade but two grades ahead where they may have material to challenge her.

These are the same child living in the chaotic world of gifted with ADHD. So how do we accommodate this child? With tears and love, yelling and hugs! I shake my head a lot that is all I have to say.


Leah said...

Your little girl sounds like a really amazing kid!

JBTW said...

We knew she was something special & unique! :)
So does that mean the latest school is doing what it needs to for her? (Crossing my fingers!)