Thursday, May 08, 2008

and what have you been up to?

What a crock!

We were terribly disappointed

Hey Burke do you see what I see?

Hurray were in the pool!

Rose insisted on a two piece bathing suite!
A great big congratulations to Wills best childhood friend John and Laura Smith who are expecting their first in October.

Also another big congrats to Wills cousin Brook and her husband who will be expecting their first in October also.


Suzer said...

How weird...I know two women people who are also expecting in October. What's in the water?

Anonymous said...

Edit - Brett & I are expecting in November. Estimated date from the doctor is November 6th. :)

JBTW said...

I'm jealous -- it's warm enough for swimming. I'm tired of being cold... Admitedly there were some days that were quite pleasant, but then we go back to cold ones & they feel all the colder then. Grrr Argh.

The girls do look cute though! :) Hope all is well. I look forward to our visit!!!!

Major Mom said...

We've always wanted to visit JR's, just to see what all the billboard hype was about...thanks for taking the wind out of our sails!

There's also one on I-95 on the way to Seymour-Johnson AFB.