Sunday, March 30, 2008

what did you do over easter vacation?

I played an extra in a Zombie movie called a "Fist full of Brains" with one of my childhood best friends (Heather).
not only that but they didn't have enough makeup artist so I volunteered Heather, Sara and myself for the job!

Before the shoot.

Even kids were involved

The girl in the red has a prosthetic leg and later it gets pulled off and eaten *yum*

Christine our fearless director

She was the costumer, extra and makeup artist

Heather my darling best childhood friend and why I was in the movie!

Bill doing Sara's makeup. He was also did a million other things

Sara all done. During her none zombie weekends she is a 5th grade teacher!

Conrad the lead! He was very sweet, I did his mothers makeup later in the evening.

Bill the makeup artist and full time Science Teacher!

Heather all ready to eat some brains

He was very funny and fun to work with!

Trust me he was adorable

I did her makeup. I'm not sure she was very happy with me!

He was great later they ate off his head!

He came with his daughter, but we convinced him to join in the fun! I also did his makeup.

A diva in the making!


JBTW said...

Your Easter was much more exciting than mine! Much more exciting than ANY of my weekends. Or week days for that matter...

(PS Miss you too!)

e4 said...


Don't eat my baby's brains please.

Just Jac said...

Neato..all I got to do was clean up vomit and poop! You definately topped my Easter, LOL!