Monday, March 10, 2008

were all sick

What should be a lovely post about Lily turning 1 is going to be a plead for prayers.
We have the puking flu (the whole family) but that's not the worse of it were still not over the coughing, headache and runny nose flu. I am feeling fairly confident when I state at this moment I do not know of any family with worse luck then us.

Our rugs are trashed. There are tissues everywhere. Lily turned one in a flurry of nose blowing and puking. Liam has a very busy week and Lily was suppose to see a specialist who might help get her on the path to sleep. She was suppose to see a pulmonary and GI specialist at the hospital but I can't take my volatile family anywhere. Rose is scheduled for surgery on the 19th to have a tonsillectomy

We are still trapped in our two bedroom apartment and very little hope of moving until I get our credit fixed. Lily is not sleeping better since the tubes. Rose who has always loved school now hates it (we know why ask later). My babies are falling apart and I can't remember the last time I sat with out a child laying on me.

Liam and I have not had a break in I don't now how long. The pregnancy and birth of Lily has a been a long road and we are still dealing with the ramifications of having a preemie.

So what am I asking here? Just for patients. I need more then I have. Liam has been a saint through all of this. He is the only one not sick yet and has taken on the roll of mom and dad. He's to be commended I need to be shot.


Anonymous said...

Awww!! I can't believe Anwyn is already 1!! Unbelievable. I can't wait to see you guys.. How are you doing? Email me sometime.

Mandakini/Margaret said...

Oh no! This year has been a baaad year for sickies. Most of our friends and their children were VERY sick this winter (as was everyone in my house at one point). Praying for your recovery~


JBTW said...

:( Sorry things aren't going smoothly. I wish I were close enough to lend a helping hand. You're in my thoughts.