Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Anwyn files week 3

Anwyn has just come up to day 20 in the NICU. She is still at the low end of her temp. She is taking a bottle every other feed and she now weights 4lbs 12oz. I am still working through my guilt and frustration and saddness. We are now on our own. Liams parents left bright and early this morning and are headed home. They have been great about getting me back and forth from the hospital everyday and taking care of Rose as I healed. We could not have made it through these past weeks without them.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

2 steps forward

One step back. Anwyn is back in the isollet after not being able to maintain her own body temp. She is also having problems breathing and eating and has repeatedly stopped breathing and turned blue for past two days. She has gained weight and she is now 4lbs and 10oz. They are telling us now that for every episode she has (stops breathing) they add on another 5 days. She will be in the hospital for many weeks to come. The 45 min drive is tiring us out but we keep going. Liams parents have been kind enough to stay with us these past two weeks and will be leaving on Friday. Rose is doing well but wants her baby to come home. Liam and I are on edge and constantly exhausted but still hanging in there. My body feels beaten and my heart feels torn but so far my spirit is not broken.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Anwyn is still working to keep up her temp. She is boarder line so we never know if she is going to go back into the incubator. She is still having problems eating on her own. We don't want her home before she is ready but I miss her very much. I missed going in today and my heart is breaking. I am still grieving for the last two months of pregnancy and the fact I will never be pregnant again. My heart is heavy these days. I miss her and wish I could I have her home with me.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Anwyn files

Three Generations
Killer IV arm of DOOM!

Daddy and his girls

See how much I have grown!
Aren't I pretty in clothes

Rose loves that sister of hers

Okay so I'm a little crossed eyed
Oh my aching head
See my pretty blonde hair?Mommy and me!

I am now 4lbs and 2oz and I have started eating on my own. I even got a bath today I think mommy did a good job.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Anwyn Lily
March 9th
4lbs 6oz

I have lost some weight and I still can't eat on my own but you should see me smack people with my IV arm!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Here's the latest

Spousal Unit here.

Sorry to preempt your regularly scheduled blogging, but Morgan is still in the hospital.


It is looking at this point like the baby will commence it's O.W.E. (out-of-womb experience) this Friday. This is not yet definite however. (nothing ever is with these doctors!)

Today marks the 32nd week of gestational age, so we are preparing ourselves mentally for a VERY small and most likely sickly infant who will likely be in the NICU for a week at least and possibly 3.

Thus far my Mrs has been doing remarkably well with the hospital stay, which is good considering that she may be in there for another week. (btw, Morgan HATES hospitals)

So rest assured, dear readers, that I will post photos of the new arrival if indeed they do arrive soon.

This, then, is the latest scoop.

Of course the plan will likely change in an hour and all of this will be worthless, but I am trying!



Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hospital stay

The littlest one and I are headed to the hospital tomorrow for some steroid treatments. If all goes well we will be home in a week with baby still inside but if not she will be born next week or the week after that. It's taking all my mental strength to go to the hospital on Friday considering I have already turned down going in twice this week. I have major panic attacks and freak out easily. If you have some time give Liam a call and find out where I am and stop by for a vist. Liam and Rose will be holding down the fort on their own for awhile so feel free to vist them too.