Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Here's the latest

Spousal Unit here.

Sorry to preempt your regularly scheduled blogging, but Morgan is still in the hospital.


It is looking at this point like the baby will commence it's O.W.E. (out-of-womb experience) this Friday. This is not yet definite however. (nothing ever is with these doctors!)

Today marks the 32nd week of gestational age, so we are preparing ourselves mentally for a VERY small and most likely sickly infant who will likely be in the NICU for a week at least and possibly 3.

Thus far my Mrs has been doing remarkably well with the hospital stay, which is good considering that she may be in there for another week. (btw, Morgan HATES hospitals)

So rest assured, dear readers, that I will post photos of the new arrival if indeed they do arrive soon.

This, then, is the latest scoop.

Of course the plan will likely change in an hour and all of this will be worthless, but I am trying!




network_weasel said...

Thanks for the update. Hang in there. Please send our warmest wishes for a short happy stay in the hospital to Morgan.

JBTW said...

Hello S.U.
I tried calling the hospital... the woman who answered said she thought Morgan already left.
So I tried the house... but it just rang.
Hope all is well and there isn't a pregnant Mrs. on the loose!

Anonymous said...

Dear S.U.,
You are soon to be promoted to the N.F.U. (new father unit) whereby dirty nappies and late night feeds will be the S.O.E. We are so excited for you to meet your new miracle baby soon. GIve "Mum2Bx2" a big kiss and give bubbie a cuddle from me. loves Megs. PS Well done to all of you to endure this testing time! God bless heaps

weirdbunny said...

Well it's certainly been a while since I've seen you blog, and now there's a baby on it's way... time certainly does fly ! God Bless you all and prayers for you and baby.