Thursday, December 06, 2007

When bloggers meet


This Saturday evening around 5pm, 4 bloggers will all meet for the first time well sorta. I am pretty sure the Freeman's know each other and they were at my wedding that Jess was in so at least they have seen each other. So my awsomest bestest high school friend known as Suzer ( I wanted to be her) to the blogging world and anyone who met her after 1994 will be meeting Jess my greatest bestiest college friend trust me when I say she saved my butt more then a few times will then meet one of our bestiest smartiest couple friends from my early adult life (no not porn movies). Liam and E4 went to college together I dated E4's roommates cousin yeah its complected but well worth the friendship. We will be bringing our respective gangs together for pizza and mayhem. That's a total of *8 and a half children under the age of 5. Pray they don't kick us out!

*My sister and her two will be joining the fun (E5 and Amelia and Eli are the same age) Plus my parents who know everyone and everyone knows and loves them (Suzer use to smoke with my mom in high school)

Rose 5 and a half

E4 4 and a half

Amelia 4 and a half

Elijah 4 and a half

Maya 4

Leah 3

Anya 10 months

Lily 9 months

baby to be born is the half
* has no purpose other then I like the photo :)

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Tan said...

One hell of a reunion then.