Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I got you a barrel of snot monkeys

Dear Readers for Christmas I got you :
A Double ear infection
Possible strep throat
Asthmatic cough
139.41 worth of meds
3 boxes of tissues
4 bowls of uneaten soup
Three outfits (pre thrown up on)
2 gallons of tears
and two sweaty heads


network_weasel said...

Our lovely little bucket of snot dried up a day or two ago. At least the small one did. My darling bride might be working on hers now. She went to bed not too long after I got home this evening.

Good luck with your our petri dishes.

JBTW said...

I think that is worse than a lump of coal. Very mean indeed.

e4 said...

Thank you for the snot monkeys.