Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My girls

Rose will be having her adenoids out tomorrow at 7:30 am so everyone say a pray she comes through okay and only slightly traumatized.
Anwyn will who we will be calling Lily (on the blog) from now on will be staying with her father. Doesn't she look thrilled


Will said...

You know my thoughts and prayers and love are always with you, Rose.

Daddy loves you to the moon and back!

Just Jac said...

Many prayers for sweet Rose and her mommy! She has the prettiest eyes and look how big the baby has gotten!

JBTW said...

So how are you guys doing? I passed your exit on the turnpike about 10:30 this morning & was thikning about you. Hoping the recovery was going well. Did it?

It was good to see you Monday, even though it was hurried. (And I see peeking young Mo off to the side now.)