Sunday, August 05, 2007

a dream

Last night I dreamed that I was riding on a small horse. With much excitement I believed I was taking the lead. When I looked around with pride I realized that not only was I not in the lead, but that I was going the wrong direction.


Humm, I wonder what that could mean?


network_weasel said...

Nothing wrong with being in a different race from everyone else around you. In this case the race you were in was in the opposite direction from everyone else.

Morgan said...

Liam says he doesn't understand my blog entry. Whats to understand dingdong. I was on a horse with other people riding and then I took the lead (you know was out in front) then I looked around and noticed no one was going my direction. Thank you network_weasel for understanding me!

JBTW said...

We all have to take our own path sometimes... and sometimes it's more important to compete against ourselves than others.

That's my interpretation. :)

Suzer said...

I think what is more important than the events of the dream is what you didn't mention. How did you feel (emotionally) when you realized that you weren't in the lead and that everyone else was going a diffrent direction. That is what your dream is really about. P.S. I love you no matter where you're going :)