Friday, April 20, 2007


Anwyn hates baths I mean really hates them. Last night while Rose was bathing I decided to put her in and see what she thought about deep sea swimming. Strangely enough she shut her eyes and allowed her whole body to relax letting her little legs float to the surface. It was the most amazing thing to see her so content in the water. Poor little thing must have thought she was back in the womb. I wish she could have made it to her due date but I'm glad to have her. She is an amazing little girl who loves deep water.


Jac said...

She does look very much at peace in there! I think that makes quite the picture of two sisters too!

Tan said...

She looks so tiny next to Moya.

JBTW said...

Awww... so lovely.
(Did you get my phone message/e-mail?)