Sunday, May 07, 2006

My independence

Today I gained my independence back. We purchased a blue 1994 Ford Falcon station wagon. I have already by myself driven to get gas and then to McDonald's for lunch. Rose is thrilled that I am driving again to her that means we get to go out together like we use to! I am excited and nervous I haven't had a "life" in six months. I am not sure what I will do now that I can do stuff. Now it means I have to be a person again. I will be driving Rose to and from school again like I did in the states. I will be able to do shopping on my own to get things I need with out waiting for Liam to get home. I hate change I think that is my biggest problem I'm afraid of what life will bring with each change. So here's to my new independence!


Suzer said...

The nice thing about having the time to drive around by yourself in a new place is that if you do something incredibly stupid (like going the wrong way on a one way street), or get lost, you don't have to tell anyone :) Now you can sign up for some classes during the day or sneak off by yourself. I am so envious!!

e4 said...

Congrats on the wheels. I'm sure you'll find lots of reasons to use it.

But wait, you don't like change? Since I've known you, you've lived in like five cities in several states and a couple different countries and hemispheres.

Now you live somewhere where night is day, left is right (on the road at least), today is tomorrow (or is it yesterday), and summer is winter.

You've got change mastered. This is a piece of cake.

Daisy said...

That station wagon is HOT.

john in the UK said...

Cool you got a Falcon too :D
Welcome to the club!!
Hope you have lots of fun in her!

JBTW said...

So how goes the car independence? Thought you would have had tons of posts about it by now! (Kind of like a 16 year old let out on their own with the keys & a tank of gas!) :)

Brad said...

Cmon Casey, no life in 6 months, we are here dont forget, see, i do visit your blog