Sunday, February 22, 2009

Things I learned while being sick this week...

1. You can throw up everything and nothing.

2. 9 out of 10 times a cat will run ahead of you into a bathroom (does he really have to go that bad?)

3. You can only hit cheese and cracker nirvana once a night. The second time pales in comparison...

4. That my oldest understands the concept of comforting items the youngest not so much. Thank you dear for the wooden spoon I feel much better now.

5. That I can come up with some very creative ways to get my self noticed while quarantined to the back bedroom. Take large throw up bowl bang against wall in a rhythmic fashion banging out my favorite ABBA tune.

6. That 10 blankets and a space heater are not enough to keep me warm when I have a fever, despite what my husband might say.

7. No matter how many times I am told I am not COLD that its just the fever talking that I still don't believe it sounds like my voice and my voice says I'm COLD.

8. I have had "that's the story of Burt's blanket" by seaseme street stuck in my head for over a week.

9. That I find myself amusing at 1 am

10. That if Mama ain't happy then everyone will ignore her as if she does not exist.


JBTW said...

Sorry to hear you were (are?) under the weather. Get better soon... cause life certainly doesn't wait for you! That, and being sick sucks. Feel better dear.

Anonymous said...

how true - love mom

Suzer said...

So sorry sweetie! Who takes care of Mom when she's sick...unfortunately no one! Hope you feel better soon!