Saturday, October 27, 2007

We're famous!

Liam and Rose during the interview
Larry Berger

Down Under Day at the Children's Museum

The B. Family were recently interviewed about living in Australia. It's a short little piece but it was broadcasted. If you click on the link provided below (Down Under Day) in light brown and then click on Archives and then again on the date 10/27/07 and then scroll through the times by simply clicking on the forward button until the above time says 11:00 to 12:00 and then slowly scrolling through until you hit right around 11:20 you will be able to hear us. Broadcasting from Children's Museum of Pittsburgh
The Saturday Light Brigade is a radio program featuring acoustic music and family fun. Broadcast since 1978, it is one of the longest-running public radio programs in the United. States. Quality music, on-air telephone calls from kids and adults, innovative participatory puzzles and games, and interesting guests have made The Saturday Light Brigade a family radio tradition for tens of thousands of people. Kids listen with adults, adults listen with kids, and everyone has fun listening to the radio together!


JBTW said...

Hello famous people... I'm listening to you as I type! Sounds like you guys had an exciting day!
Did you take more pictures?

Anonymous said...


e4 said...

Very cool. I wish they could have talked to you longer though. Like for an hour or so...

Robyn said...

That was SOO cool! MO is a star! lol. Love you!