Sunday, February 18, 2007

School days

Rose begins school on Tuesday. She has had quite a break but I don't mind. Australian school didn't start until this past week. The problem is this is Roses first day in an American school. I loved the school system she was in and now I am terrified to send her to school here. Schools in Australia were so wonderful the kids really never dealt with teasing because there wasn't a problem with it. All the children were taught from a young age to respect each other. They all dress alike and it doesn't seem to bother them. I worry about the teasing and meanness that comes with American schools. I sit up night and pray she has a good first day. Aughhhh doesn't this ever get any easier?


JBTW said...

Take deep breaths, count back from 10, whatever you need to do to relax. If you're going to worry about these problems then you should come up with solutions to be prepared for when they happen. Then relax & go with the flow. (And if there's no solution to be found, then it's not a problem to worry about.)
Bottom line, relax. She'll do great. She'll love being around a classroom of kids again. She'll be the talk of the town... the only kid who gets to start school mid-Feb & who was in Australia for a year! :)
Get a good night sleep!!! Tell her 'happy first day' for me.

planet noah said...

american schools are good.
no worries.